How to get a job on a Cruise

Working on Cruise ships is demanding. You get a lot of drop-outs in the first few months, you could be working more than 12 hours a day and days off? What was that again – a day off? Nope! But it can have some amazing advantages for sure, meeting great people, getting off in ports, a great social buzz and of course the wages and being able to save!

If I was to apply from scratch for work on cruise ships here´s what I would do…

1. A Specific Position.

Maybe you know what position you want to go for, if so go to number 2, if not, have a look at your skill set and what you have to offer. Are you customer service based? Where is your experience? What have you done before? There are jobs in many aspects of cruise ships and therefore a huge range of jobs. So check out different  positions and choose one. Make sure you apply for a certain position and not ‘any available’. You want to look professional and they want to see that you already have experience.

2. Research your options.

Research and have a look around into which cruise ships are out there. Check out all the big companies. I would personally research to see if any liners are bringing out new ships in the near future, this means a huge new intake of crew! Perfect for you! Start looking at the application process. Some require a course previous to employment, I´ve met people on cruises before that had done an introductory course prior to starting, as their countries make it mandatory. If not, try to avoid paying out for a course before you start, unless it will guarantee you a position.

3. Write off and apply.

Spread your wings, apply to many and write a great cover letter. Spend time going through the application processes and reading job descriptions perfectly.

4. Sell yourself.

Think what type of people they want to hire, people who maybe have languages or/and have worked in demanding environments before? Individuals who have had experience in their position? Summarise your talents, tell them professionally why you are perfect for the role.

5. Checklist.

If you have applied to several ships or maybe even different roles, jot down when, to who and what you have written. This way if you get a lot of responses back you can re-read the information you have given and apply accordingly. If some ask for more experience, ask how long and agree to set a fate to communicate in the future. If they haven’t got back to you, wait one or two weeks and contact them again, always friendly and professional.

6. Interviews.

Turn up early, presentable and organized with a good positive metal attitude. Don´t appear too desperate, but sell yourself to your advantage. Think about what they are looking for and demonstrate to them how you have it. They want to hire people that are approachable and great with people, that can work in demanding environments and be away from home for long periods of time as well as someone who is well suited for the position.

7. Attitude.

Believing in yourself + faith + generally good vibes = success!

Good luck!

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