Program Your Own Subliminal Messages.

I was always fascinated with the concept of subliminal messages, more so as I got older and started watching programs like Derren Brown and reading more books on hypnotherapy and NLP. As I dove more deeply into the world of behaviourism I came up with one huge conclusion…

The hidden and sometimes obvious messages we see everyday have a profound effect on our behaviour. We all know that supermarkets are designed to sell by placing certain products at eye level or having sweeties and yummy chocolates at the checkout, and adverts on TV are designed to influence our buying patterns, but can we use this knowledge to our advantage?

I say… Yes! Absolutely! Subliminal messages are suggestions or ideas that target your subconscious mind, which means you could take on huge influences and integrate it into your behaviour without even being consciously aware of it. From buying products to singing along to that catchphrase you didn’t realise you knew, we know this method works so how to we use this system to our advantage?

Let’s talk about your own ‘messages’ you have to yourself…

What’s the background picture of your computer or your phone? Something you are repeatedly looking at.. Because in effect, this is a subliminal message, something you unconsciously look at everyday.  It’s your personal advertising space. Does it link in with what you want at the moment? For example mine is usually one of my paintings of whatever goal I have in mind at the time, or strong images of somewhere I’m planning to go, or something that inspires me. After a while you never even notice these images, therefore they go straight through into your subconscious.

Take a look around your home / room / office. What are the pictures or paintings you have up? Do you leave yourself inspiring messages? Do you live only in the past? Start to put up little pieces of great influence or some of your best work and energy. Decorating your own space is part of your self expression and influences you on a subconscious level on how you feel about yourself.

What music do you listen to the most? It can say a lot about you and what you relate to at this moment. If you are looking to change your behaviour you can also influence it from the outside. Do you ever sing along to a TV advert or remember all the words to music you listened to when you were a kid? Listening to music allows repetitive messages to integrate into your subconscious mind, be aware of what they are, also particularly useful on learning a language.

The more we absorb repetitive messages, the stronger they influence us! Check out my article on how do do it with affirmations.

Books. I realised a few years back that I was feeling pretty grotty after reading some pretty heavy-going crime and violence books. I had been reading them for years from a great author but I noticed a dark mood forming over me after I put the book down. So I just stopped for a while. It’s not to say never ever read scary or intense books, by all means they are great escapism, but if that’s the only thing you read and you’re looking to brighten up your life with positive, happy messages, consider reading inspiring material for a month or more and notice the difference.

Goals. You can also give yourself clear, out-in-the-open messages, make a mission statement or visual goals. Why not paint them in your artwork? Take a look at some of my goal paintings. Program your own messages, take control of your life and decide what you surrounded yourself with. Put them in a place you can see everyday, whether you realise it or not. I know friends who write personal messages in post-its on their mirrors, whatever suits you!

Sending yourself hidden, positive messages has a wonderful effect on your own feelings. Feelings have a great effect on emotions and behaviour. Create your messages to suit your life! Perfect!

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