A Painting that Manifests…

Painting goals and dreams is not only a good idea because you start to focus more on what you do want and less on what you don’t, but you also put your creative energy into a project to hang up and remind you of your inspiration and positive messages.

I created this painting to focus a bit more on the spiritual side of me. I had no idea what I wanted ‘to do’ forever per-say, but I did have a brainstorm of the things I wanted more of in my life. I drew the symbol of the dancing figure in the middle to represent expression through the medium of dance and movement. The auras around the outside are for spirituality and connection, followed by music and drum beats. I wanted to be more by the sea, other messages such as the aeroplane in the top right are for travel and being in nature represented by the birds on the right and waterfalls. There is a collection of people in the left hand side, which stood for meeting wonderful spiritually like-minded friends…

As it happens after designing this painting I went on to India (at the time of painting I didn’t know I was heading there) and through South East Asia. It was in India I went to OSHO where I learnt about mixing dance and meditation, in a temple building, and took these techniques with me. This was often performed to some impressive drum beats and lots of music. I then managed to learn about Sufism and pick up some of this amazing style of music I’d never heard of before. I travelled onwards to many sea and beach destinations until I got to Australia, where I continued with my meditations and made some amazing friends -for- life. At one point I took a three-hour trek to find a ‘secret’ hidden waterfall in the middle of nowhere, where I experienced one of my most fantastic days of 2011. I then went on to working ‘at sea’ again…

There are many more aspects, outcomes and reasons for these goals and ideas, actually this particular painting was pretty vague compared to previous ones, but all the same it’s wonderful to look back and really feel you’ve achieved the things you had in mind.

Whichever way to decide to paint or create ideas that come into your head, the important thing is to do it, then leave it somewhere for you to see everyday, leaving you a subliminal message for yourself. I put this up everywhere, I could see it until one day I realised I had been living it, and I started my next one.

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