Evolution as Art

Evolution‘ This is a creation I made it after reflecting on my life over the last few years. I wanted to express how I felt my life had been going, and this became the result.



The theme of my painting is Evolving through the Episodic Nature of Life.

In every episode of our lives or in every new environment we find ourselves in, we evolve, we adapt, we change and we adopt new behaviours. I want to show the complete contrast of the subject in each of these backdrops of life.

The bright neon green circles are cells representing a human life form in unconnected phases. Each of these cells have adapted to their environment to create a unique overall design. None of these stages are ‘better’ than any other, they are all perfect in their own right.

I wanted my idea to convey that human life form can be made and reshaped: and so I made the cells the secondary colour “green”. The shades of green can be seen changing within the cell pattern. Around each set of cells there is a gold outline, this is our spiritual self encasing our physical bodies. The stages are divided by large harsh red lines; I wanted the bold primary colours to represent the unmovable stages we have in life.

The background of each section is a varied gradient of black and grey, I wanted them to be subtle, distinctive and different to one another, as the cells transform and adapt to the surrounding environments.

The blue part which connects all the cells through the environments, stages, and backgrounds is that of the lifeline. The DNA is the part which reminds us that even as we change, develop, evolve and adapt, the cells are all linked to the essence of life.

It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to express ourselves, if you enjoyed reading this article you can check out more artwork I’ve made and related articles.

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