Creation of new manifestations…

Ever thought about making your own Manifestations? A long time ago (way before the book the secret had entered my world) I started making drawings, words and designs on the things I wanted to focus on in my life. This is partly because I love creating positive things but mainly it was to do with my increasing obsession with behaviourism leading me onto the important subject of subliminal messages.

I started to look at all the exterior things in my life and what type of messages they were sending me, which evolved in itself to creating art on things I wanted more of..

So here’s a very strange-looking painting I made a few years back.
May I just mention that art doesn’t have to be pretty, or sensible or exact. There are no rules. So although my painting is slightly odd (to say the least) there are heaps of meanings and goals in there which made it my daily viewing pleasure for many months.

To to understand the painting, I’ll just point out where I was at when I created it.

manifesting dreams, vision boards, inspiring paintings, how to manifest Financially, I was a mess, I’d been living in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, with a full-time job as an English Teacher earning $500 a month and paying $200 for my rent. I was only just making ends meet. I had previously ditched my career as a dolphin trainer and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It was a dangerous city and I felt a bit out of my depth.

A few months prior I’d had a big accident on a rented scooter and had spent several months without work and limping around Panama, and I craved a better relationship with my spiritual self.

So I painted.

And later I realised everything I painted came true…

One of the main themes is of travel and seeing the world, after painting this I moved to Italy, started to learn another language (near the eye at the bottom are the lips with the communication lines) and then worked on a cruise ship. For the first time ever I painted manifesting money, as for years I’d lived a very ‘poor’ financial way. I then made more money than I ever had that following year on ships. Other themes were music, sea, sunsets, tropical locations, and new positive perceptions on the world. All of which became reality..

I wanted to dance again in a group and perform, in unison and on the stage, I found myself doing exactly that in shows on board the ship and in Italy. I wanted to surf, I then got the job teaching flowriding. I also wanted exercise and I became a fitness instructor!

The main theme is about reconnecting to my spiritual side which became a very predominant aspect in my life especially when I took my first trip to India, and I began to learn so much more about this beautiful way of life.

There were also some material sections in there, for example a Mac computer, something I really didn’t think I would be able to afford (but later bought) and making videos which I learned to do and started producing and editing.

All in all this particular painting was very much about exploring and learning. Now I want to focus a little more on giving back and paying things forward because I have been so very lucky with these manifestations!


Please note I’ve moved house! A new, improved and updated Evolve and Express is now located at

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