Why not make your own Manifestations?

Have you focused on the things you want in your life recently? 

Or have you thought more often about the lack?

If the answer is the latter this could be an interesting little project for you…Why not create a personal artistic piece on what you really want to achieve in the next month/year and so on? ..

Painting goals, manifestations, inspiring art


By putting up images and pictures of your goals you are changing your focus to meet that of your aspirations. Our behaviour is largely influenced by our subconscious mind, so to begin programming it yourself, create your own positive suggestions with your own visual messages.


First of all, decide on the aspects you would like to improve on in your life. If it doesn’t seem like an easy task and being that it’s a broad subject, you could find it useful to separate it into these sections;




Community and giving back

Learning and development




Each of these you should have at least one goal. Write them out.

For example, let’s say you want a ‘healthier relationship’ with your partner. What does that mean for you? It could be spending more quality time together (not TV time) maybe it would include going out on dates, or taking long walks together?

Create an image in your head of what that these goals look like for you. Perhaps the walks in the park with your partner or you want to design romance in your life with hearts, flowers and colours.

So now you have a great idea of what your goals look like visually, start to sketch/draw/paint them onto your chosen canvass in any way you want, creating a main focus if there is one area you particularly want to influence.

If the idea of putting pen to paper to sketch out these images scares the living daylights out of you fret not, you can always take and find photographs, add words and phrases or find other images on the net.

If you can draw but have no inspiration on how your idea would appear visually, type your goal into google images and maybe you’ll get an idea from that. Then make it your own. As long as you associate it with your goal it doesn’t matter!

Here are some painting’s I’ve done on this topic.

Everything Manifested

A Painting that Manifests

As soon as you’ve finished your final creation, make copies/take pictures and put it up everywhere in sight; bedroom, the background of your phone, facebook, wherever you can so you see it and enjoy it everyday!


When you paint or design, think about your attitude whilst you’re creating. Like I spoke about in my article Expression through Artwork put yourself in the right environment.

Believe and have faith your artwork will manifest.

Take action on your new goals.

Be totally grateful for all your new manifestations!


If you’ve made paintings or art in this way I would love to see it! Please do send me a link, or pass it to me through comments.

Please not I’ve moved now! and new and improved Evolve and Express is now located at a different location! Check out some suggested reading:

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