What is Meditation?

From Guru’s in India to academic discussions and scientist’s research, there is often contradicting ideas about what meditation is and what it isn’t… I believe just like everything, meditation is what you make it and what you believe it to be…

In my opinion, the process of meditation is to clear your mind completely and not engage with your thoughts.

Not engaging with your mind’s activity doesn’t mean you won’t have thoughts, feelings or sensations but it does mean, to not give your attention to them and become involved in their nature. This is what meditation means when it talks about ‘being aware’ of thoughts. They’re natural and they’re there, but you don’t need to follow them.

Some people think that you might receive divine insights or magical moments through meditation and although this can be true, I think a lot of the magic is the benefits that become apparent after regular practise. Having said that I have experienced some extraordinary moments which I’ll share in a future blog.

There are many different types of mediation, a fair few definitions state that it is to contemplate or to think deeply and carefully about something, which in effect is the opposite to how many understand it today. I believe if it works for you to go deep in thought to reach a better understanding of something, then so be it, but if you are looking to clear your mind, relax, and sit in peaceful silence then the concept is to be without thought.

I particularly love the analogy about meditation being the ‘other side of the telephone’. As we are constantly sending out messages into the Universe by thinking, asking for help, ideas, praying, and focusing, we are the talkers. The next, vital step is to listen. Listen for the response.

Just like a friend you might have that talks at you on the phone without any real interaction, they may miss out on vital information or advice from you, as their constant talking means you can’t get a word in edgeways. Meditation is the listening part. By silencing your brain chatter you can receive your own guidance and inspiration. When you are silent you leave yourself in an open state to understand more clearly.

The cool thing about meditation is that it can be practised by anyone regardless if you’re religious, spiritual, an atheist or you just don’t know what to believe. It’s an art of the mind, and can be attained by everyone who desires to learn.

Whether it’s something you want to try to improve your health, help you sleep or affirm your connection to the universe, it comes very highly recommend by a number of sources, and it can’t be all that bad…

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