About me

Hello, I’m Angela, a bit of a traveller and a jack of many trades (25 different jobs up-to-date) I have spent many years travelling about the world, working and living life, realising and following my dreams and enjoying what life has to offer.

I love everything about behaviourism, what makes us happy, personal development, different cultures, travel and the art of self expression.

During these last 9 years I have travelled 40 different countries, studied here and there, I’ve been working in my dream jobs; Dolphin and Sealion trainer, Sports Staff on Cruise-Ships, photographer and a good bit of backpacking with some not-so glamorous (but also really useful) jobs; housekeeping, kitchen hand, telesales and now I have decided to document some of the knowledge and experience I have required and jot down some tips…

Born and bred in Essex, England, I decided to leave at 18, completely unsure what I wanted to do and where. I ended up moving to the Isle of Wight for an apprenticeship in Activity Leadership! Pretty awesome really, I didn’t realise how that would prepare me for so many things later in life..

After this I headed out to Mallorca to become … a podium dancer! Followed by the same thing in Ibiza. (Always clothed, just had to put that bit in there)

A quick touchdown in England and a few weeks of temping later, I found myself on a random flight to Mexico not speaking a world of Spanish and it was here I would live for the next two years and leave being a dolphin trainer…(among a few other jobs beforehand)

Next on to Spain, back to Europe for the summer, yay! Where I began working in the dolphin shows and sealion interaction programs, my interest in behaviourism grew and my Spanish picked up incredibly compared to the years spent in Mexico..

I returned back to the UK for a good few months, working two jobs, one in the residential home of my Granddad where I got to spend time with him, and also my childhood dream job, an “Essex FM Black Thunder. For those of you who do not know what that is, it’s a promotion girl who drives around in a big branded car, giving away free things, speaking on the radio, and attending all the events around Essex. However it wasn’t as quite the reality I had dreamed of as a young teenager so I quit and headed back to Central America.

After a backpack down through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala I started a new life living in the stunning, tropical Bay Island Roatan, Honduras. Awesome place. I got my PADI open water diving course completed there. Meanwhile waiting for an opportunity to work in the Investigation Centre with the dolphins, I worked as a waitress and in a coffee shop -well, sometimes. It’s a Caribbean Island and I can assure you I didn’t overdo anything. Instead I spent many nights sitting on docks singing along to our nightly jamming sessions, and scraping by for rent.

Leaving Roatan marked the end of my dolphin career. Sad times, but also the right decision. I found myself on a trip down through Costa Rica to Panama where I had an accident on a scooter (I wasn’t driving and thank goodness I was wearing a helmet) and ended up staying another month or two until I was able to walk – or limp again…

I later found myself living in Tegucigalpa, the very dangerous capital of Honduras where I stayed for the next three months working as en English Teacher in a School and living with my good friend Pami and her family.

Touchdown in England and off I flew to Italy. To learn Italian and find work with my 50 Euro budget as I already had a place to stay for a couple of weeks. After a beautiful summer there I found myself enriched with the culture, I could manoeuvre a fair bit of the language and found employment in animation as a fitness instructor. For the last jobless month, I lived with my pal’s family after I found my arm in a sling due to my silly and lovely friend Maria’s bright idea to try to make a 360 in a canoe…

The next step was the Cruise Ship,. I finally scored a job in the largest Cruise Ship in the world, Oasis of the Seas, working in the Sports Staff team! Heading around the Caribbean and working 7 days a week for the next 7 months. Ouch.

Next, in a complete contrast I took my backpack for a few months with a one-way flight to India. Wow! India = amazing! From there onto Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam where money was running out so off I went to live in Australia.

Off to Melbourne where I didn’t know a soul, I stayed for 5 months working in a deli and bakery of an Italian run supermarket. A wee bit of travel and to Brisbane to finish off my Oz adventure.

On a quick and last-minute decision, I packed my bags, flew Australia – Dubai – London unpack my backpack – repack my suitcase, see the family and 28 hours later – London – Poland – Estonia for…

Cruise contract number 2. Really and truly a blessing in my life. We went from most of the Scandinavian Countries, Russia, all the way round Spain and Portugal, through Italy until we got to Turkey, Greece and Israel. Unreal! Only for three months though and then…

India again!!! This time with the objective of studying to become a Yoga teacher. Hard, hard course but wonderful! And a brief visit back to where I was volunteering the year before.. Next up after my touchdown in England was a couple of months in Argentina. Somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.

Argentina found me without any desire to backpack and explore because here is where I found Tango. The beautiful and amazing world of dancing Tango. After my first couple of classes, I bought my expensive Tango shoes and stayed there until it was time to go.

As it had been a good 6/7 months without work, I then flew to Lanzarote, Canary Islands of Spain where I always wanted to check out. As I write I’m saving away for my next adventure and I’m studying Life Coaching with UK Open Learning. Meanwhile I’m going to blog away… If you got to reading this part. Well done! And thank you!


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