What is Meditation?

From Guru’s in India to academic discussions and scientist’s research, there is often contradicting ideas about what meditation is and what it isn’t… I believe just like everything, meditation is what you make it and what you believe it to be…

In my opinion, the process of meditation is to clear your mind completely and not engage with your thoughts.

Not engaging with your mind’s activity doesn’t mean you won’t have thoughts, feelings or sensations but it does mean, to not give your attention to them and become involved in their nature. This is what meditation means when it talks about ‘being aware’ of thoughts. They’re natural and they’re there, but you don’t need to follow them.

Some people think that you might receive divine insights or magical moments through meditation and although this can be true, I think a lot of the magic is the benefits that become apparent after regular practise. Having said that I have experienced some extraordinary moments which I’ll share in a future blog.

There are many different types of mediation, a fair few definitions state that it is to contemplate or to think deeply and carefully about something, which in effect is the opposite to how many understand it today. I believe if it works for you to go deep in thought to reach a better understanding of something, then so be it, but if you are looking to clear your mind, relax, and sit in peaceful silence then the concept is to be without thought.

I particularly love the analogy about meditation being the ‘other side of the telephone’. As we are constantly sending out messages into the Universe by thinking, asking for help, ideas, praying, and focusing, we are the talkers. The next, vital step is to listen. Listen for the response.

Just like a friend you might have that talks at you on the phone without any real interaction, they may miss out on vital information or advice from you, as their constant talking means you can’t get a word in edgeways. Meditation is the listening part. By silencing your brain chatter you can receive your own guidance and inspiration. When you are silent you leave yourself in an open state to understand more clearly.

The cool thing about meditation is that it can be practised by anyone regardless if you’re religious, spiritual, an atheist or you just don’t know what to believe. It’s an art of the mind, and can be attained by everyone who desires to learn.

Whether it’s something you want to try to improve your health, help you sleep or affirm your connection to the universe, it comes very highly recommend by a number of sources, and it can’t be all that bad…

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Why Meditate? 6 Reasons to practise.

Have you ever heard of mediation being ‘bad’ for you? Let’s assume like the majority of people, you haven’t. Let’s assume that you have only ever heard positive reviews and people raving about it, but really, does it make that much of a difference?

I say.. Yes!

Incorporating daily meditation truly benefited my life and could be a wonderful advantage in yours.

Here are some of the top reasons why I rate meditation so much…

The Realisation ‘I am not my thoughts’.

What an intense moment when you find you are able to stop the flow of your thoughts, if only for a second and you make that realisation, I am not my thoughts. Thoughts are a natural part of me, but they are separate from who I am.

I can control these thoughts.

By learning to turn on the ‘off’ button, you realise that you can stop the thoughts that do not serve you, by noticing them, accepting them for what they are (thoughts) and change them into a more positive attitude. ”As man thinkith… so he shall be”.  It gets easier and easier as you get better.

You build up your ‘thinkless’ muscle.

As time goes on, you start to notice you can go longer periods of time in silence, just like a muscle that you build up at the gym, you can build up your spiritual muscle too! It feels good to notice your own progress.

Quality time.

Personal private time is wonderful. If you dedicate your life to something, your work, your family or whatever the case may be, separating a little time in the day for you is valuable quality alone time. An all too important aspect in living a well balanced life.

It’s not a contest.

Often in ashrams or in spiritual houses where you go to meditate, you’re encouraged not to discuss your personal mediations with your peers. This is so there is no spiritual hierarchy. If someone has reached places that you haven’t or visa versa it creates competition and I love that meditation is about your own personal progress and you can get better at your own pace under no pressure.

A calmer and more tranquil outlook on everything.

Yep, that’s right, after spending time building up this valuable skill, you notice a calmer attitude, an increased confidence in making decisions and generally a way more relaxed attitude. Priceless if you ask me!

There are many, many reasons to meditate, these are just a few of my best motives from an extensive list… From increased health, improving concentration, anxiety, lowering blood pressure to increasing your spiritual connection and receiving divine ideas meditation is a valuable part to your day… Try it out, see what you think…


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Creation of new manifestations…

Ever thought about making your own Manifestations? A long time ago (way before the book the secret had entered my world) I started making drawings, words and designs on the things I wanted to focus on in my life. This is partly because I love creating positive things but mainly it was to do with my increasing obsession with behaviourism leading me onto the important subject of subliminal messages.

I started to look at all the exterior things in my life and what type of messages they were sending me, which evolved in itself to creating art on things I wanted more of..

So here’s a very strange-looking painting I made a few years back.
May I just mention that art doesn’t have to be pretty, or sensible or exact. There are no rules. So although my painting is slightly odd (to say the least) there are heaps of meanings and goals in there which made it my daily viewing pleasure for many months.

To to understand the painting, I’ll just point out where I was at when I created it.

manifesting dreams, vision boards, inspiring paintings, how to manifest Financially, I was a mess, I’d been living in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, with a full-time job as an English Teacher earning $500 a month and paying $200 for my rent. I was only just making ends meet. I had previously ditched my career as a dolphin trainer and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It was a dangerous city and I felt a bit out of my depth.

A few months prior I’d had a big accident on a rented scooter and had spent several months without work and limping around Panama, and I craved a better relationship with my spiritual self.

So I painted.

And later I realised everything I painted came true…

One of the main themes is of travel and seeing the world, after painting this I moved to Italy, started to learn another language (near the eye at the bottom are the lips with the communication lines) and then worked on a cruise ship. For the first time ever I painted manifesting money, as for years I’d lived a very ‘poor’ financial way. I then made more money than I ever had that following year on ships. Other themes were music, sea, sunsets, tropical locations, and new positive perceptions on the world. All of which became reality..

I wanted to dance again in a group and perform, in unison and on the stage, I found myself doing exactly that in shows on board the ship and in Italy. I wanted to surf, I then got the job teaching flowriding. I also wanted exercise and I became a fitness instructor!

The main theme is about reconnecting to my spiritual side which became a very predominant aspect in my life especially when I took my first trip to India, and I began to learn so much more about this beautiful way of life.

There were also some material sections in there, for example a Mac computer, something I really didn’t think I would be able to afford (but later bought) and making videos which I learned to do and started producing and editing.

All in all this particular painting was very much about exploring and learning. Now I want to focus a little more on giving back and paying things forward because I have been so very lucky with these manifestations!


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So what is Spiritual Ecology anyway?

Spiritual Ecology is working in unison with nature and the spiritual realms in relation to farming, respecting all and working collectively in harmony.. When I arrived in India in 2010, I had never even heard of the term and oh how my mind was opened…

It promotes a deep respect for the earth and our heritage by producing organically with the smallest environmental footprint possible, it’s also about being conscious of the spiritual realms that interact in nature, through blessings of the land, and daily ceremonies it invites the spiritual world to help with the growth and protection of the area.

I came across this new exciting concept during some wwoofing (volunteering) time at an organic farm in Rural India, This farm is no ordinary farm, not only is it run by two incredible people that have dedicated their lives and all their funds to create an organic, eco-friendly farm, Saha Asititva is located in a spiritual vortex where I can honestly say I have never ever felt or been anywhere like it.

The farm is located next to the pilgrimage destination of Ganeshpuri, a tiny village full of fascinating and mystical temples with an uncommercial and authentic off-the-beaten-track vibe…

I was blown away by the whole philosophy of the two founders of the farm, Kalyani, British, married to Daniel of the USA. These guys are unbelievably inspiring, living as pure and simple as possible, they lead their lives 100% by their principles and ideologies. They do what they believe in and they believe in what they do.

That’s why the farm is so successful, and that’s why the term spiritual ecology is so intriguing …

The energy of this farm is overwhelming, Agni Hotra (a daily spiritual ceremony) is performed on the farm by the volunteers or staff who live there full-time, it’s a chanting ritual performed exactly at sunrise and sunset to ask for protection and blessings for the land. These sacred prayers are offered whilst burning ghee, cow excrement and rice.

When I started to learn more about spiritual ecology and ‘spiritual beings’ in nature, I couldn’t help put picture fairies and pixies, quite like the imagination of a child, but the more time I spent there, the more I felt the ever presence of magical vibrations. Unfortunately I didn’t see cutely dressed elves and gnomes, but the evidence I started to see and feel was really impressive...

During my time there I was pretty snap happy with my camera, the setting on this garden-like farm is stunning. After reviewing the photos with Kalyani, we began to see many beautiful lights and orbs in many of the pictures.

This is when I began to read even more into Spiritual ecology and learn from Kalyani’s insightful teachings.

We started getting more excited as time went on when more of these mystical lights appeared in the photos. One evening me and Kalyani stood in front of a tree, calling out for the spiritual beings to come into our photo and it was here a multi-coloured transparent circle with ‘wings’ outshone all the other orbs in the black darkness of the fields as we took a few snaps.

With all these wonderful photos of the farm, I began to make a video on this spiritual ecology at Saha Astitva, where you can see some of the photos.

Buying barren land and literally starting a farm from scratch, Saha Asitiva aims to peacefully demonstrate the benefits of organic farming by working in harmony alongside Mother Nature and create jobs for local tribesmen. This is a link to their page, going there to volunteer was one of the best things I have ever done. I even broke my rule to never return to the same place went back a year later.




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Evolution as Art

Evolution‘ This is a creation I made it after reflecting on my life over the last few years. I wanted to express how I felt my life had been going, and this became the result.



The theme of my painting is Evolving through the Episodic Nature of Life.

In every episode of our lives or in every new environment we find ourselves in, we evolve, we adapt, we change and we adopt new behaviours. I want to show the complete contrast of the subject in each of these backdrops of life.

The bright neon green circles are cells representing a human life form in unconnected phases. Each of these cells have adapted to their environment to create a unique overall design. None of these stages are ‘better’ than any other, they are all perfect in their own right.

I wanted my idea to convey that human life form can be made and reshaped: and so I made the cells the secondary colour “green”. The shades of green can be seen changing within the cell pattern. Around each set of cells there is a gold outline, this is our spiritual self encasing our physical bodies. The stages are divided by large harsh red lines; I wanted the bold primary colours to represent the unmovable stages we have in life.

The background of each section is a varied gradient of black and grey, I wanted them to be subtle, distinctive and different to one another, as the cells transform and adapt to the surrounding environments.

The blue part which connects all the cells through the environments, stages, and backgrounds is that of the lifeline. The DNA is the part which reminds us that even as we change, develop, evolve and adapt, the cells are all linked to the essence of life.

It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to express ourselves, if you enjoyed reading this article you can check out more artwork I’ve made and related articles.

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A Painting that Manifests…

Painting goals and dreams is not only a good idea because you start to focus more on what you do want and less on what you don’t, but you also put your creative energy into a project to hang up and remind you of your inspiration and positive messages.

I created this painting to focus a bit more on the spiritual side of me. I had no idea what I wanted ‘to do’ forever per-say, but I did have a brainstorm of the things I wanted more of in my life. I drew the symbol of the dancing figure in the middle to represent expression through the medium of dance and movement. The auras around the outside are for spirituality and connection, followed by music and drum beats. I wanted to be more by the sea, other messages such as the aeroplane in the top right are for travel and being in nature represented by the birds on the right and waterfalls. There is a collection of people in the left hand side, which stood for meeting wonderful spiritually like-minded friends…

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